February 09, 2010

ninja sucker punch (1) - Cerebral cortex (0)

    Lately, I have found myself wanting to write.  There was no particular topic I had in mind, no defined purpose really -simply an incredible urge.  So I sat down, put together two quick pieces and WAHM!  I’ve risen to the ranks of many a men and women before me.  I am now officially a blogger!  New to this secretive world of blogging, I have found myself exhilarated by the potential to make a difference, or make a smile; in some way I hope to invoke some deep emotional reaction to what I have to say.  

    So I sat… and I sat… and I sat… I would type a sentence then delete it.  And follow the same procedure again and again; the monotony clearly showing in my desire to introduce fist to lap-top screen.  What to say - wanting to write is grand but without content I’ll have a really poor attempt to record the happenings around me.  What I need is inspiration. There is a small college here; I’m bound to find something.  How about my friends?  They are funny... I think.  But putting those into words is much harder.

    How about other people’s blogs?  I can get inspiration from there.  Two blogs that I follow, Lamentations of Matome and The Life of Lyn, have great content.  They are wonderful writers but their thoughts aren’t mine. 

    Then I realized, I must read everything I can.  I must write as much as I can.  And then, I'll eventually find my groove, the potential that slumbers deep in my soul will awaken... waiting for the right inspiration to ninja sucker punch me squire in the cerebral cortex.

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  1. haha! Sweet! Thanks for shamelessly plugging my blog! ;)

    You will find that blogging becomes easier. Just keep writing. See what kind of feedback you get... it'll tell you what your audience wants more of. :) So far, I think you're doing a wonderful job.