March 28, 2013

Wanna know where I've been?

So, I realize that I haven't been here in a few months. Well I guess on the internet, here is a rather relative term... I have, in fact, been a lot of places since I've been gone -

      - Kuala Lumpar
      - Penang

       - Mae Sot
       - Chiang Mai
       - Hua Hin
       - Bangkok

        - Yangon
        - Hmawbi

But really, what have I been doing this whole time? Why haven't I been keeping an accurate log of my life like I keep promising I will do? Well, I decided that being jobless was less fun than I first thought. So, I created an NGO. We are called Green Communities Consulting. We do pretty cool stuff but to get a better idea really just check out the site.

I promise once I get this thing up and running smoothly, I'll be able to write here more frequently... If you want to help with my new adventure go click here