February 22, 2010

    My roommate walked in and told me of something crazy. Something so inspiring I cannot do justice by writing much about it. I have to show you. The potential it has to change the world – I mean WOW! Now, before I show it, please realize the technology is still first generation; like comparing the Mark I computer (the size of a room with capabilities of a squirrel) to that of a modern laptop.  This game was displayed at the 2009 comic con.  Rundown,:you put on head set, concentrate on the ball, headset reads thought theta waves and turns fan on depending on level of concentration, you control the direction of fan with knob. Okay - enough said.

    Ok so maybe you won't find it as cool as I hoped. But just think, accessing the ability to move objects with the mind. What next, accessing the internet? downloading information directly into the brain? This is Matrix stuff here. Paradigm shifts in all fields - education, science, social networking, communication rather than e-mail you have t-mail (thought message). Ok, I’ll stop being so dramatic…

But what if????

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  1. haha... I love how dramatic you are about it. :) But, it does sound very cool... in a sort of creepy kind of way. lol