February 10, 2010

Another Tribute to Korean food

The other day, I introduced a group of friends to the wonderful world of Korean style food! And then today, I swooped in again to add another item to their foreign foods repertoire.  The first was rather simple to make.


This one was simple too, it just took an epic amount of time and some really large pots!  Oh yes, that is a river of cheese (which was hard to find in Korea) and yet, that is Korean red pepper paste!

dalk galbi

The beauty of this style of cooking, at least this is how I have come to find it, all i have to do is find things I like, and put it into a pot. Although there is more to it than that, this hap hazzard method seems to work out fine. Believe me they taste better than they look.

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  1. haha... maybe to make them look/seem more appealing, you should describe what they actually are. :)