October 04, 2014

In solidarity with my friends in Hong Kong

dear friends,

an urgent calling from Hong Kong – of Female’s Rights and Gender Equality:

may I first explain the ongoing “Umbrella Movement” now and here in the city.

1. our movement is NOT a revolution, this is a non-violence democratic movement, we have no intention in overthrowing the regime

2. this movement is merely to ask the government for a democratic political system in Hong Kong, under the provisions of the Basic Law: a genuine universal suffrage attributed to legal nomination procedures without political censorship. we believe a democratic political system will bring us more equal opportunities in participating in issues related to people's livelihood, therefore, respect for people’s dignity is possible

3. the principal and practice of this movement is NON-violence. throughout this week, students who protest by sitting in on the streets all day and night are clam and peaceful: they pick up litters and organize recycling voluntarily; distribute water, food, towels for protestors diligently; students are the pride of the city

disappointingly, the government and the police handle the demonstration not by responding to our ask but by excessive force under unnecessary situation.

on 28/9, the police used countless pepper spray at close range and 87 tear gas bombs within a time of 5 hours to crackdown protestors who were peacefully assembling on streets: the protestors did not possess any weapons, but with only food wrap and swimming goggles to cover eyes, facemask stocked up in the case of avian flu to put on and umbrellas from home to form protecting shields.

over this week, peaceful protests call for political system change go on.

until yesterday afternoon, shameful sexual assaults and harassments targeted female student protestors and female protestors happened when counter-demonstrators clashed the demonstration areas.

shameful attackers grabbed the victims’ breasts and touch their groins as reported by Amnesty International Hong Kong; disturbing and threatening words like "If you are to protest on the streets, you should expect sexual harassment towards yourselves" and some even more shameful words are reported; cases also include a female student protestor was attacked on her face and she needed closure of her wound.

but the police officers on the ground failed to take any action against the attackers nor to protect the victims.

any sexual assault or harassment are intolerable anywhere anytime. female has an independent body which subject to herself and herself only. on the contrary, this is gender inequality which considers female as an inferior gender.

in the current situation, sexual assault or harassment occurs in protests is particularly a political oppression. female has the rights to exercise freedom of expression in any forms including physical attendance.

sexual violence must be condemned and political oppression is not just, but we insist on non-violence protest.

the situation in Hong Kong may get increasingly tense, we alone cannot make it through, we need international advocacy and media attention.

writing this status and joining the protest are only what i can do; like many fellow people in the city, are doing what we can to stand up for democracy and justice.

please share our calling to your friends and any media friend you know in your country; keep us in your faith, with your prayers.

your friend,
[Removed for safty]
here and now in Hong Kong

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