May 29, 2010

Bridge over troubled water? Where is that bridge...

    Sometimes I feel it necessary to re-assess my life.  I find that when I stay stagnant, I begin to lose a bit of my sanity.  Stagnant, according to Merriam-Webster, is exactly my state of existence.  I know what must be done - I need to go out and explore the world do something.  I to working out a bit more and eat a little less, study some philosophy or at the least flex the gray matter upstairs. I should read something new, play some guitar, I should...debate the finer points of life. 

    This list is daunting.  As one can tell, I have a plan for change.  I know what needs to be done.  But sometimes simply knowing is not enough.  I need inspiration.  I need a drive to accomplish those goals.  Alas, I have been left here in D.C. to my own devices with close friends too far away and motivation for change even farther.

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